Infertility treatment, it's not as difficult as you think.


     Dr.Apisara Apiboon, a thirty-eight years old dentist, was among those people with primary infertility. With the hope of having her own offspring, she gathered lots of information from various sources, including counseling from several hospitals, some of which offered a high technology and expensive treatment. However, her attempt was unsuccessful and she almost felt hopelessly. Eventually, she was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby on 12 July 2007.

     "After 4 years of infertility, I could no longer wait for a pregnancy by the natural way. I decided to receive a treatment. The first important thing was the hospital selection. I assembled a lot of infertility treatment information from several specialists' counseling. The discussion with those patients who had had a successful pregnancy after treatment was helpful for my decision making."

     After the investigation of infertility factors, the physician explained the method, process and possible complications of treatment to Dr.Apisra and her husband. Initially, ovarian stimulation with oral medication and timing intercourse was conducted but she could not get pregnant, thereafter, intrauterine insemination (IUI) was accomplished.

      "Looking back, I accepted that I felt sort of worried, but when I got pregnant, I felt so happy. Formerly, I realized that I would undergo to several complicated treatments. I had never thought that it would be successful at first trial, and also, the expense was not much. I would like to encourage the infertility couples not afraid to see your physician".

     Dr. Apisara succeeded in the first treatment cycle. She strictly followed her physician's advice. Nowadays, she is a mother of her own child.

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